You have to visit San Pantaleo, because it's for sure one of the most characteristic place in Sardinia.
Town made of granito, built in the middle of granito, you can meet it just a few kilometres from the Costa Smeralda, at the top of a road winding up into the hills past beautiful rocks and fields.
You'll be breathless in front of the little parish church, the church tower and the low houses surrounding the town square (set of more than one movie in last year)all set against a magnificent backdrop of two imposing mountain.
You shoud come to San Pantaleo to meet a town that hadn't been utterly devasted by building development and where everything is perfectly conserved, to take part into the feast of the Patron,to buy or ceramics either wooden and iron handwork. You should come to San Pantaleo to meet a place where elegance has the last word and the charme of beauty is more important than getting easy money with the mass-tourism.